About Crystal & The Rare Rose

I've been awestruck and obsessed with the botanical world since I was a child. One of my earliest childhood memories is of my grandmother's many flowers and vegetable garden beds I held her hand on walks through. A few of her favorites were peonies, irises, and hollyhocks. The natural beauty her gardens provided year after year still hold an impression upon my life, there were fresh flowers around her house always.  I absolutely loved her ginormous lilac bush; the smell immediately takes me back to those days.

As a child, I joined in trips with my grandfather to the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area to flower farms picking up plants and flowers for his proudly owned family grocery stores. The natural world has always been my playground, some of my favorite memories growing up were exploring the heavily wooded property I grew up on, discovering the delicate woodland flowers and plants, making daisy flower crowns and having picnics in the wildflower and butterfly populated fields of Southern Ohio.  


My summer days growing up were things dreams were made of.

I have always had big flower dreams. It's an amazing thing when a passion and a career come together.  My mission is to connect people through the natural aesthetic beauty flowers provide.  We can feel the impermanence of flowers, it is a reminder that care is necessary to sustain life and relationships.    
The natural beauty of flora and fauna coupled with an uncomplicated, professional encounter is what I strive for in a customer service experience.  

When it comes to the wedding portion of my work, a wedding is practically a 2nd job, I know, and I am here to keep the floral part FUN! 

My design and creation of arrangements are made with great care.
Because of what I love to do with nature's beauties, The Rare Rose was born.